How to Label Your Boxes When Moving

a couple organizing their thingsOrganizing your things and putting them in different boxes for your next move may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it can definitely be easier if done properly.

Labeling your boxes and packing your things are tasks you should do for a whole day (or even a whole week). It can be quite tedious, which is why Colonial Van Lines will discuss what needs to be done to make your packing tasks easier and more doable.

1. Buy everything you need beforehand.

Before starting on your packing and labeling journey, make sure to grab the essentials so that you will have everything you need in one place.

Things such as quality markers, printable labels, colored tape, and packing tape should definitely be on your list. You should also remember to grab a couple of boxes that come in different shapes and sizes.

2. Use color coding.

Aside from labeling your boxes with the different rooms that you will bring out, you could also use color-coding techniques to make your life easier.

For example, you can use the color red for bedroom. Use a red paper or post-its to stick to the box as well as a red marker to write the word “bedroom.” You could also list down the things included in that specific box and while you are at it, go ahead and use a red marker for that.

This will make it easier to spot which box goes where, saving you a lot of time during unpacking.

3. Label according to unpacking priority.

There are things you need to unpack right away and things that can wait. Label your boxes with “High,” “Medium” and “Low,” so you would know which ones you should unpack first. If you want to unpack the “High” priority items easily, then grab an overnight bag instead of a box.

Put all of your labels on the side of your box instead of the top, as this is actually easier to see. As always, if you need to, enlist the help of a packing company to make sure everything will go smoothly!