Interior Design Principles Retail Stores Should Use to Boost Sales

Retail Store Interior DesignHave you ever wondered why a competitor store always has queues of customers, while yours is empty even though you sell the same thing? That store probably uses the power of interior design to lure customers in and make them buy.

It may be hard to believe, that the layout of a store sure does have an impact on sales. According to studies, a less-than-ideal arrangement and design of commercial displays, service counters, and checkouts can make a customer run through the exit.

But if you think you are not creative enough to make the space good to lure customers and persuade them to hand over their money, read on.

Do not Put Merchandise in the ‘Decompression Zone’

The decompression zone is the first space they step into once they enter the store. Typically, it consists of the first 5 to 15 feet worth of space.

If you think you should put your best items here, think again. This is where customers make the transition from the outside world. With the psychological shift, they tend to miss any product, signage, or carts displayed in this area.

Give Special Attention to the ‘Power Wall’

About 90% of customers, upon entering a store, turn right unconsciously. This is a very important point in the retail interior design. The first wall on the right is called the power wall – and they will base their first impression of the store based on what they see here. So make sure to give special attention to what items you choose to display and place on the right side of the store.

Avoid the ‘Butt-Brush’ Effect

Coined by consumer behaviour expert Paco Underhill, the butt-brush effect is when a customer avoids scanning a product if it brings another customer’s backside into close proximity – even when they are very interested in the item.

To avoid this problem, make sure to space the displays and merchandise to allow personal space.

With the decompression zone, power wall, and butt-brush effect in mind, re-design your retail space – and you will likely see more customers coming in and going out with a shopping bag in their hands.