Introducing the Tooth Fairy: Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Child

Pediatric Dentist in Salt Lake CityIt can be difficult to teach children proper dental care. Add to this the fact that not all dentists have undergone training to neither handle children nor have the temperament for it. Here’s how you can find the right dentist for your child:

Ask Around

A good way to look is to ask around. Family and friends are your first source. If you already have a dentist, ask if they also treat children. If they don’t, they are likely to know someone who does. Seeking a dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry is another way to go about it. Pediatric dentists take an additional two to three years of training before they are qualified to handle children. Redwood Orthodontics noted that West Jordan has pediatric dentists who can go the range of regular dentistry to orthodontia.

Talk About It

Before bringing your child to the dentist, go visit the dentist yourself. By getting to know the dentist beforehand, you can be better assured that they’re a good match for your child. Look around the clinic. Does it give a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere? Children are less likely to be afraid if the clinic is cozy and inviting. Are there toys and child-sized furnishing? This can work well to help children relax prior to treatment. Observe the dentist and how other child patients interact with them. A dentist who shows great empathy is the one you want.

Building Trust

Children should visit the dentist every six months. The first visit should be within six months of your child’s first tooth coming out and should not be delayed beyond the first year. Your dentist may even recommend more frequent visits to build trust between practitioner and child.

If you have your own anxieties regarding visits to the dentist, these can rub off on your child. You can talk to the dentist about these feelings as well. This way, the dentist is better equipped to deal with your child.