Look for DUI Lawyers to Prevent License Suspension and Other Penalties

Driving Under InfluenceAre you currently facing a case of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs? This is a fairly common situation which can have varying degrees of consequences depending on the damages you caused as well as the number of times you have committed it.

If it is your first time to do it, however, it can make you feel anxious about what would happen to you later on. Well, one thing you need to attend to would be that of looking for DUI lawyers in Springfield, Illinois such as Noll Law Office. Now, even if you are able to get a competent one, you should see to it that this would be the first and last time you would have a DUI case.

Test Results Can Sometimes Be Faulty

While there may be variations in the punishment you would have to receive, the common ones would be that of jail time as well as $2,500 worth of fine. Certainly, this can be very traumatic. But the good thing is that you could have a chance of being free of any form of penalty, especially if you have a good case and an experienced lawyer.

For one thing, there are instances when tests for sobriety as well as the results of the breathalyzer test could be put in question. An attorney who had a clear understanding of the procedures done by the police would know how to work around these to establish that the findings were false.

Do Not Worry About Your Ability to Drive

Apart from having to spend time in jail and paying a large amount of money, you may also be worried about other consequences. For one thing, your driver’s license may be suspended. At the same time, your reputation may be tarnished once you have a DUI case on your record.

While you may feel very vulnerable at this time, getting a reliable defense attorney will give you the advantage you need. You just need to be patient. Your lawyer will be able to put the pieces together so that you can be free of whatever charges in no time.