Make them Feel Welcomed: Receiving Clients at Your Office

Modern officeYour office is very much like a home for your employees. As they get comfortable with it, a part of their personalities reflect on their workstation and even on the office walls. But just like a regular home, your office may receive some visitors at times. These are your clients.

Having clients come over may make you stressed and anxious about how you can please them. The best solution is—you don’t always have to impress them. But do not mistake it for being lenient or relaxed. You need to make your office presentable and welcoming.

Below are some of the tips you need to keep in mind.

Keep the space clean

This should be a no-brainer, but often, a lot of office administrators overlook the cleanliness of the office. If you want your office squeaky clean, you can hire the services of a cleaning agency. On top of this, you need to ask your employees to keep their workstations neat.

Up the comfort

You have to make sure that your clients are comfortable the moment they step into the office. Make sure that the waiting area is sufficiently lit, has comfortable furniture, and some things to keep them busy, such as magazines. If you are leading them to the conference area, it pays that you have ergonomically smart UK-made boardroom furniture.

Get the right snacks

If your client is staying for more than an hour, offer them some refreshments. Finger food, such as pizzas and some canapés will be good. You can take them to a nearby restaurant for lunch. If your client is a food brand or restaurant, veer away from offering them the products of their competitors.

Making your clients feel welcomed and comfortable may give your business a plus point. Make sure that everyone in the team is prepared for their arrival.