Make Your Noisy Garage Door Quiet Again

Garage doorWhen your garage door opens and shuts, many of its parts—from the small screws to the large door itself—vibrate. The vibrations tend to create sounds. The sounds may be tolerable on some days. Some days, the noise may just be unbearable and troublesome for you, your family, and even your neighbors. Getting garage door repair service in Utah is the easiest and quickest way to handle the problem. However, there are some ways for you to tone down the loud sounds by yourself. Price’s Guaranteed Doors suggests three things you have to remember to manage your noisy garage door.


Metal rollers hitting the metal tracks are a major source of noise from a garage door system. If your rollers are quite new, applying oil may reduce the noise. If yours are old, replacing them with nylon ones is your best option. Nylon rollers work well with metal tracks but are not as noisy as their metal counterparts. It is also possible that the screeching sound is from the faulty installation of the garage door. Hire a garage door repair service in Utah to fix such problem right away. But if the noise is too loud, you might need to get a new door instead.


Apply oil to the moving parts of your garage door such as the chain, springs, hinges, tracks and metal rollers. Doing so ensures that they work as smoothly as possible. When some parts are not oiled, they work slower and harder than usual. This results in louder vibrations. Before you lubricate, remove flammable materials near the garage door. You should buy a spray lubricant as well. Lubricate every six months or as often as needed.


Bolts, nuts and screws in your garage door system loosen over time. When these parts become loose, they tend to rattle even from the slightest moves. To solve this problem, tighten the said parts using a socket wrench. Do not overdo it, though. Maintaining a garage door that operates quietly is not easy. You will get your hands dirty with oil. You might even hurt yourself from simple tightening and replacements. However, professional maintenance go a long way in preventing a noisy garage door.