Marketing Ala Black Mamba: Be an AdWords All Star

Pay Per Click On CubeIt was on April 13, 2016 when the world watched Kobe Bryant take a bow and retire from the NBA. His last game was a blaze of glory, wrapping with an insane score of 60 points. Fans will most likely remember the Black Mamba for three things: his trophy, his rings, and the yellow jersey stamped with the number 24.

Kobe’s superstar status is one for the books, but paying attention to how he got there is more interesting. In fact, marketers can learn a lot from it. His game might be played on a different court, but his skills can take your AdWords techniques to the next level.

Creativity to Stay On Top

According to team at, focusing on theories alone will get you nowhere with AdWords. Like Kobe, you must adapt to changes, be agile, and stay creative. The Black Mamba dealt with many opponents over the course of illustrious his career. To best them, his methods never stayed the same.

In the world of pay per click, everything is changing; trends and campaign types never stayed the same. If you’re afraid to call the shots, you miss. Try your hand at automated scripts, Gmail Ads, customer email match, and remarketing services to stay on top of your AdWords game.

The Ball Isn’t Always Necessary

Shaquille O’ Neal, Kobe’s long-time teammate, said the basketball legend had a funny habit that proved to be effective. Shaq would walk into practice courts to find Kobe honing defensive and offensive skills without a ball.

You, too, can play the game without a ball. The AdWords Sandbox and Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool allows users to mimic the entire process without spending on ads yet. Try these tools now, do your research, and practice!

Study, Study, Study

Watching your personal game is the best way to win. You detect areas for improvement and figure out how to address them in the future. The same mindset can also be applied to the use of AdWords, as well. Thanks to YouTube and other sites, optimizing tutorials are within your reach.

The Black Mamba’s fascinating dedication and hustle on the court made him an NBA legend. The same work ethic and determination can make you an All-Star, too—in the field of AdWords, that is.