Master the Art of Hair Straightening Using Healthy Foods

Eating Healthy FoodsHow women choose to wear their hair affects their general appearance significantly. For this reason, most are keen on choosing something that suits their facial structure and the events they need to attend. Those with natural hairstyles need to straighten their tresses using creams available at beauty centres. Keratin hair straightening provides natural methods that can keep your hair straight and give it an elegant look.

Apart from keratin hair straightening, notes that natural diets can also keep your hair straight.

Animal Protein

Keratin is a major component responsible for giving hair a rigid stance. It is also important in smoothening and coating the frayed hair. Diets that include animal protein such as red meat, eggs and dairy products provide essential amino acids that can increase the production of keratin. Just make sure, however, to choose animal protein with low fat content.


Other than keeping your hair strong, it needs to maintain a stunning appearance. The human body does not make omega fatty acids, which is why you need to make an effort to include it in your diet. Seafood such as oysters provides zinc that keeps the hair moisturised. A diet rich in salmon also ensures the adequate amount of omega three fatty acids, iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin D that forms part of the hair shaft.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide different vitamins that can provide benefits that go beyond hair straightening. Different categories of fruits contain specific nutrients and in varying quantities. For this reason, it is also important to constitute a mix that offers these elements in the required amount.

Vegetables that are rich in vitamin C helps in the absorption of plant-based proteins. For your diet, you can choose guava, oranges, strawberries, lemons, kale, and pineapples. Carrots also provide carotene that promotes healthy hair growth.

Keep a healthy hair with the right diet. Improve your hair straightening experience by integrating natural elements in addition to proven products.