Men and Women in the UK Spending on Grooming

photo of male and female hairdressers with customersOver the last few years, more people are spending money on grooming for a wide variety of reasons. They go to beauty salons, such as Orpington Beauty, in Bromley as they offer a wide range of services. In fact, their specialisations cover from head to toe. This type of business is not unusual.

Why Men and Women Spend on Grooming

Men and women in the UK spend a lot of money on grooming. In 2014, research showed that women shelled out an average of up to £40,000 throughout their lives on hair alone. Cosmetics could cost more up to £100,000. The question is why. An infographic from GFK may help provide some ideas.

In 2016, a company published the result of a survey covering more than 20 countries. These included the UK. The respondents had to answer a series of questions related to grooming behaviour.

Based on the results, men and women spent an average of four hours a week for personal care. About 60% said that they were doing it to feel good about themselves. The second common reason was to make a nice impression on other people they met for the first time. Interestingly, 40% said that they wanted to look good to set an example for children.

When broken down into countries, the statistics changed. In the UK, people spent more time than the global average. Although the reasons remained the same, only 53% said that they wanted to look good for themselves.

Women Still Lead

In recent years, men in the UK are spending more money on grooming. In a survey, men in a relationship shelled out almost £150 every quarter. Women, however, are still the main market. In the infographic, the ladies dedicated nearly five hours a week on beauty compared to more than three hours of men.

An Ipsos MORI research, meanwhile, may shed some light. According to it, while the majority of women agree that they are equal to men, 90% of them still felt the pressure to look well-groomed. Around 77% of men also agreed to it.

Either way, looking good and feeling good are serious business in the UK. The accessibility of salon services makes grooming even more in demand. Now it is easier or more convenient to have.