Modern Baths: Infusing Minimalism in Bathroom Design

minimalist bathroom designThe bathroom is one of the places in your home where you can find peace and relaxation. And today’s modern designs are taking advantage of minimalism to create that space. A slim towel rack against the bathroom wall is one way to save space without losing functionality. Linear floor drains, like the ones on, are minimal bathroom accessories that work perfectly with this theme.

So whether you’re renovating or building a new bathroom in your home, let these four modern-minimalist tips help you design the bathroom of your dreams.

Stick to the neutral colour palette

Neutral colours are warm or cool to the eyes. They’re not bright and loud and don’t call attention. Colours close to black, grey, brown, and beige are best for the minimalist design. Use a maximum of three neutral colours to stick to the theme.

Choose only one accent piece

Modern-minimalism has an allowance for one other colour of your choice that’s not neutral. This is called an accent piece. Accent pieces give life to any minimalist design but should still be done sparingly. So, you can go with a yellow-rimmed mirror, or a red door, or a framed painting with bright colours. The key is to keep it to just one small area of the bathroom.

Use natural light

Natural light not only saves you energy, but it also creates more space in your bathroom. You can install a skylight or have full glass windows on one wall. You’ll still need lighting fixtures at night so make sure you keep them slim, simple, and not intrusive to the rest of the bathroom fixtures.

Go wood and bricks

These two materials are always a good match in the modern-minimalist style as long as they’re the only ones you’ll use. You can have a wooden door, shower bench, or floorboards mixed with a white, grey, or black brick wall.

One of the traits of minimalism is creating more space by only using what’s necessary and keeping things light and simple to the eye. Tone down on lines, patterns and expressive textures that can make things seem to busy in the bath. Follow these tips, and you just might find yourself spending more time in the bath than you’re supposed to.