More Than Just Magnetic: Why Fridge Magnets Are Powerful Marketing Tools

Fridge Magnets Nearly every household in America has a fridge magnet pinned on their refrigerator surface. These magnets do not just keep valuable information, such as phone numbers and messages, somewhere easy to see, but also serve as great marketing tools. If you’re looking for a unique way to encourage repeat business and increase sales, a magnet should be the first product you consider.

Fridge Magnets Are Useful

Magnets aren’t just decorations for an otherwise plain refrigerator surface. They also offer value by acting as a holder for important or personal documents, such as bills, reminders, and children’s artwork. They’ll even be more useful if you decide to add relevant information on the actual magnet itself. Magnets that feature kitchen tips and local emergency numbers are more valued due to their practical use.

They’re Easy to Distribute

Distributing magnets to the public is easy. You can opt to give them away for free at trade shows and other events, send it as a freebie and pack them in every shipment, or mail them to your targeted audience. It’s a great way to spread your brand message to customers.

These Magnets Reinforce Your Brand via Repetition

Every time a customer goes to the refrigerator to get food or drinks, he or she will see the magnet. This brand reinforcement strategy has been proven to work on customers. While these magnets won’t generate sales right away, clients will be able to more easily remember your company and the product or service you offer when the need arises.

Refrigerator Magnets Are Customizable

Some refrigerator magnet companies, such as, go beyond selling ordinary magnets. They can provide magnet design services to help you design and create unique, attention-grabbing magnetic products that will help your brand stand out as well.

Useful, distributable, memorable, and customizable — these qualities make refrigerator magnets an effective marketing tool. When designing a fridge magnet, make sure to consider your target market so that it can appeal to your target audience.