New DUI Law Lets Arrestees Drive — With an Alcohol Detection Device

DUI Cases in Springfield As a conscious citizen/driver, you need to know that a new law has been passed that allows a DUI arrestee to drive again, only this time with an alcohol detection device. In the past, a statutory law prohibited a DUI arrestee from taking charge of the wheel for a minimum of 30 days.

Recently, though, a new law allows clients of notable DUI attorneys in Springfield Illinois to take the wheel again, and quite literally at that.

Change in DUI Law

Starting January 1, 2016, that law is no longer in effect. Instead of this, DUI arrestees will be allowed to drive as long as they install a breath analyzer in the car they are driving. This is in keeping with a national trend and has the support of both defense attorneys and anti-DUI activists.

The Impact of the Change

For more than a decade, anti-DUI activists were able to push through and defend the law that prevented first-time arrestees from being on the road for 30 days and the period was longer for repeat offenders. Defense attorneys have long been against the law arguing that because people who are DUI arrestees need to be on the road to drive to work and to ferry family and kids around, they would drive around illegally and that too without insurance or oversight. Others were found to be on the road legally with the help of prosecutors who were willing to cut plea deals that tossed the license suspension in exchange for hefty fines.


The state of Illinois will do away with the mandatory suspension for first-time and repeat offenders to replace them with a system that will require drivers to apply for special permits. They will also have to pay for breath analyzer devices and monitoring that could cost about $100 a month.

Keeping up to date with the laws in your state will most likely motivate you to adhere to them. It Laws, after all, don’t just protect you but also the society at large.