Old World Charm and Modern Appeal: Craftsman Style Doors

A Stylish House Door in UtahAre you planning to upgrade your home to make it more appealing or to boost its resale value? Consider adding design elements to create that traditional look many people love so much. Install a craftsman style front doors. For a combination of traditional and modern, consider doors of wood and artisan glass. Here are some things you should take into account when buying the door.


The most important consideration when choosing front door is the visual appeal. However, you should not overlook the security and safety aspect, and your budget. Whereas steel is the most affordable option, but ensure the hinges are located in the same position as the original position of the previous door. Fiberglass composite is the best option if you are living in a humid environment, and it is affordable. Like steel doors, it also comes with predrilled hinge holes. Go for stained wood for an organic warmth appeal. Go for high-gloss sheen if you need protection against moisture absorption.

Hardware to install

Security is a major concern when it comes to front doors. Adding a deadbolt or a chain may help to protect you against forced entry. As for the aesthetics, you can get a wide range of locks and doorknobs that enhance the beauty of your house.


To maintain heat and protect you from cold, consider buying craftsman doors with double-panel glass or foam insulation.

Weather stripping seals

Weather stripping is essential because it helps keep out debris and drafts stirred up by the wind. Ensure that the weather stripping seals correctly to prevent any moisture, debris or drafts from getting through.

If you keep these factors in mind, you are on your way to getting a great experiencing with craftsman doors. Get help from experts if you are still in doubt. Give your home an old world charm and a modern appeal!