Open Floor Design: Why Your Home Can Be Better Off with Less Walls

Open Floor Design in AustraliaWhen you picture your dream home, it must be where a fun family culture reigns. Without invading personal privacy, a home is where socialisation between your loved ones take place all the time. Regardless of the area, it’s where comfort and function coexist in harmony.

If this is your idea of home, then an open floor plan sounds to be its perfect design. Despite originating in the ‘80s, this interior style remains a timeless trend for a reason. While walls are useful in many ways, they often become barriers to the very idea of your dream home.

Offers More than the Illusion of Space

Most, if not all, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane house builders would attest that having no or fewer walls not just create an impression that your interior is bigger, but they actually give you more room inside. Industry professional McCarthy Homes explains that any partition eats up space to some extent, which decreases the area where you can move around. Especially if you have a narrow lot, walls might feel suffocating and affect level of comfort your family can enjoy.

Glues the Family Together

The lack of walls makes communal living possible. This makes real family conversations easy, regardless which house section the members are in. Some families don’t feel that close together due to otherwise avoidable communication barriers. An open floor plan helps make important stories shared and unforgettable memories happen.

Provides Design Flexibility

As you have more room to play with, the interior design possibilities are practically endless with an open floor plan. You can combine the kitchen and the dining area, or make the outdoors part of the everyday scenery with clever use of windows. With a dose of inspiration, anything imaginable can be done.

An open floor plan paves the way for the kind of family culture most modern Australian families yearn. Whether you’re planning to build your dream home from the ground up, or remove your walls and switch into this interior design, this style is never a bad choice.