Perfect Partnerships: Finding the Right Dental Laboratory for Your Practice

Dental LaboratoryAs a dentist, a lot of your income comes from bridge work and fixed crowns. Having a good relationship with your dental laboratory can ensure you’ll receive quality materials to complete your work.

Vision, Mission, Goals

According to Castle Ceramics, partnering up with a private dental laboratory is not solely a matter of quality, price or consistency. Another essential aspect is how well the laboratory’s core ideals match with your own. A lab that delivers high quality but expensive products may not fit your practice if you prefer providing affordable care. Similarly, if you patients are those who can afford to shell out for higher end materials, a lab that provides fast, but lower quality work will not be satisfactory. Examine your vision for your practice and find a dental lab that fits that vision.

Starting Your Search

Once you determine the kind of lab you need, do your research. You can start by asking colleagues for referrals or searching online. Put together a list of prospects and then take the time to personally visit the labs. Check their facilities yourself and, if you can manage to, try to speak with the owners or managers. Try to catch them on a regular workday. It will be the best way for you to determine their typical atmosphere and workflow. Gauge the mood of the premises and see if it fits with your own style. If it does, then that is potentially a good match for your practice.

Ask, too, if you might be able to view samples of their work to so you can determine for yourself if they are, at least, worth their price. You can even go as far as to ask about specifics like the timeframe to produce and deliver the materials you need.

Making the Final Call

There’s no such thing as ‘love at first sight’ when it comes to these matters. Make sure to check as many facilities as possible before settling on your final choice. This will be a very important partnership, after all, and more than anything, it will be your name in the direct line of fire, not theirs.