Pest Control Methods – Doing it naturally and with products

Pest Control in USAPests and insects are a part of any landscape.  Some of them can be quite destructive to property as well as human health.  There are two ways to control them – using chemical products and doing it naturally.

Natural methods use biological methods to control infestation. There are quite a few chemical products available on the market which are effective too.  The choice is entirely up to the user – using both is more effective. suggests doing research to help in making the right choice for pest control companies in Indiana.

Natural Methods

As opposed to chemicals, natural methods are effective in reducing infestation without harming people, the environment and even the food we eat.  This is done by planting crops which ward off insects from main crops and using small animals to eat the pests.  This helps in keeping the ecological balance and pets/livestock are not harmed.  The downside is that results are not always immediate and it can take a long time to work.

Using chemicals

Chemical methods were developed for agricultural and household use and have been around for a while too.  Pesticides are used to get rid of all kinds of insects and rodents. These are applied topically or systemically (using sprays).

Though these products are effective, the residues left behind have an effect on humans and animals alike.  Chemicals also leach into the water as runoff and have been known to contaminate food supplies. Governments do regulate the amount and potency of pesticides to minimize damage to people and the environment.

Chemicals are not very expensive and easily available.  They deliver quick results too, which is what a situation may require.  People have to walk a thin line between using natural methods versus chemical.  The long term effects of chemicals used for pest control are not yet known.  Using one’s best judgment is always essential.