Professional Movers: Types of Moving Trucks

moving truckGot a new home? Then you’re probably preoccupied with the move. But with bookcases, refrigerators, golf clubs, and hundreds of other valuables in your house, it’s no mean feat figuring how to go about the moving them all over to your new place. There are several options to consider.

You can either go for a do-it-yourself truck company where you will hire a car, pack up your stuff, and take them to your destination on your own. Alternatively, you pack up your stuff and the truck company drives you, or you could go for the easiest route, which is hiring a full moving company in Corona, CA. Regardless of the method that you choose, identify a truck that will be suitable for your moving needs. That said, here are some vehicle options worth considering;

10-Foot Truck

If you are shifting from a small apartment and do not have a lot of stuff, then this truck will be suitable for your needs. It comes with extra amenities for easy loading and also has an economical gas consumption rate. Note that this truck is also suitable for people moving out of a large studio.

14-Foot Truck

This truck size is suitable for people moving from bigger apartments like two-bedroom homes. They come with a low deck, which makes loading and unloading very easy. With this truck, you may also consider hiring dollies depending on the specific items in your move. Instead of picking the box stacks and risk dropping them or hurting your back, dollies will help in safe, fast, and efficient movement of stuff up and down the truck.

Panel Van

These vehicle dimensions are almost similar to an ordinary car. It is best suited for students moving from a dormitory or hostel, or people moving out of a small studio with very little items. It is also suitable for moving a single large item such as a bookshelf, a computer, or a table.

Before hiring a truck, however, you need to consider other factors, such as the insurance policies of the selected company, their licenses, and their expertise in the market. This will ensure that your goods get to their destination undamaged and in case of damage, the company will help you sort it out.