Qualities to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon

a plastic surgeon Whether you are getting a breast implant, a nose lift or liposuction, having a qualified plastic surgeon to do the procedure is a must. Not only will it ensure a good outcome of the process, but you can also be certain that your life and health are in good hands.

However, with the huge number of plastic surgeons in Salt Lake City, such as those from Dr. Steven Warnock, finding the right one can really be tricky. Luckily, there are qualities you can (and should) look for to single out good ones from the bad.


A plastic surgeon is a medical professional and therefore has to be certified by the government and other certifying bodies to be able to practice. Before working with one, always ask for their license and business permit and cross-reference it with local records.

Experience and expertise

There is no better teacher than experience. Thus, having a surgeon with a good amount of service in the practice is definitely a plus. Knowing his/her specialization is also a must. This can help ensure that you are working with a veteran on the field.


Plastic surgery can be a minor or major operation. Thus, it pays to have a doctor whom you feel comfortable to talk with. More than an aesthetic procedure, it is something that will affect your life and should be treated with care and caution.


Where will the procedure take place? Does the clinic look clean and equipped with adequate tools and facilities? How often does the doctor upgrade his/her tools? Do not be shy to ask these questions. The kind of facilities a doctor invests at affects the quality of his work.


Ask for references. It should be given to you wholeheartedly. While you are at it, ask for before and after pictures to know what to expect and to know whether or not it matches your expectations.

Take time in finding a qualified plastic surgeon and see how it can help you achieve not just good results, but a better and healthier life.