Safe Driving: Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Car’s Braking System

Break Repair Experts in OremWhen your car is running the way it should, it is easy to take the vehicle for granted. The sad part is, neglecting your automobile can lead to compromised road safety and increased repair cost. This is especially the case for vehicle brakes, which is the most important safety feature of your car.

The braking system on most vehicles go unnoticed until a problem has finally occurred. Being able to slow down or stop at notice can avoid accidents, so it is important to notice the common problems that may indicate wearing down of a braking system.

High-Pitched Noise When Breaking

One noticeable sign that your brakes need repair or attention is a high-pitched sound when you stop. This may mean that the brake pad indicator has worn down and need replacement. When you hear squeals and screeches when stopping, break repair experts in Orem suggest that it’s best to have them checked to avoid bigger financial consequences later on.

Ineffective Breaks with Crystallized Pads

Crystallized brake pads can also indicate problem, as this means that the pads have been heated up and hardened. This also means that they are no longer effective at stopping or grabbing the rotation of the brake drum. This usually happens when the brakes are overused. The breaking material needs to be soft to grab the brake drum, so excessive heating to the point of hardening makes it become ineffective.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

If you feel vibration when breaking, this may mean that the rotors are warped, with uneven surfaces thrumming against the brakes pads. This then translates to feedback through the brake pedal. Rotors can warp due to extreme stress for a long time. It is best to call a car mechanic to have your brakes checked.

Other signs of brake wear include:

  • Vehicle taking longer to stop than the usual
  • Loss of grip when braking
  • Weak emergency brake
  • Not stopping

Have your breaks inspected every six months to avoid any problem. If the inspection reveal any issue, stop using the car and have it repaired first for your safety and of others.