Save Money for your Wedding by Cutting on Transportation Costs

CoinsIt is no longer practical to hold lavish weddings even if you can afford it. Expenses always have to be considered no matter how much you earn. One big concern is getting your guests to your special day.
Here are a few ways to cut costs on your event’s transportation:

Cut Costs on Guests’ Ride

If you absolutely must have a church wedding and hold the reception at another venue, you may want to find ways to economise on your guests’ transport. Valet services and parking fees can bloat your bill, so why not hire a bus to drive your guests to your wedding in Sydney? That way, you will only need to pay parking fees for one vehicle and you won’t even have to worry about your guests getting lost or being late.

Keep to One Venue

One of the best ways to save up on transportation during your wedding is to reduce the number of trips made. Choosing one venue for your wedding service and reception program would trim down transport and rental fees. Doing this also reduces the stress of travel and time spent on the ceremony itself.

Coordinate the Limo Service

Hiring two limousines to transport the bride and groom separately to the venue can be costly. Instead, you can choose to hire one limousine and schedule the trips accordingly. You could also use the limo after the wedding to transport the bride and groom together. If you want to save even more, borrow a luxury car from a friend or relative and ask family members to drive you and your partner.

Being smart about your costs saves your wedding and wallet from disaster. Remember, knowing where to cut costs can make or break your wedding.