Save Your Space: Personalizing Furniture to Maximize Your Interiors

Space-Saving Custom Furniture IdeasWhen living in a compact apartment, starter home or a small flat, you need furnishings that would fit your limited space. They must also assist the homeowner in maintaining a functional and efficient lifestyle, as clutter is one of the major no-no’s of compact living.

Here are three customizable furniture ideas that can fit your compact space and your needs:

Custom Wooden Valets

Not only do they add elegance to a room, but wooden valets can hold your clothes, accessories, jewelries and other items that you need to wear the following day. They make dressing up easier and faster, as you can prepare your oufit the night before. Good news is that these valets can be personalized to fit your room’s size and theme. WIth custom wooden valets, you can avoid the trouble of finding clothes to wear in the morning.

The Study and Storage Bed

Some apartments already have this kind of furniture built into them. If you want to have a personalized version of it, there are bed and furniture designers that can integrate shelves, extra cabinets, and even space to fit a study table underneath your bed. Simpler versions of these beds may include bookshelves and a pull-out mattress for your guest. Whether you install a multi-purpose bed or the more basic cabinet-and-bed setup, this kind of addition will add to comfort and function to your small home.

Wall-mounted Furnishings

Installing wall-mounted dressers, book shelves, and cabinets has the same space-saving features as wall-mounted appliances. They not only allow you to use the space under them, but they also give a more spacious feel to your small home. Moreover, you can maximize your square footage by calling cabinet makers or home designers that can personalize your wall-mounted furnishings.

Living small does not mean limiting your lifestyle needs. With the right furniture, you can create a wonderful home that will not even reflect its size. Considering your options, the only limitations to personalized furniture is your imagination.