Saving Money While Working on a Startup

Young Entrepreneurs in the U.S.For many young entrepreneurs, the business climate in the U.S. is significantly better these days despite the challenges to the economy. The positive outlook is primarily due to the success of several companies started by young people too. Most of the companies that people know about are tech companies, but there are more non-tech-related businesses being started by the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Whether your business startup idea is tech or non-tech, one thing is for sure: you need money. Here are some ways to save money while you work on your new business idea.

Look for a place that’s inexpensive but suitable for your business

One way to save money is to forget about the central business district and base your choice of headquarters on your market. For example, if your business is purely online — like an online retail store — you don’t need a fancy place. Even your garage may be enough for starters. You can even use storage units if your space requirements increase.

Forget the luxury SUV and the suit and tie

For young entrepreneurs, fancy clothing or luxury cars don’t matter. Mark Zuckerberg’s trademark grey sweater and his Acura are good examples. Driving around in a pricey SUV does nothing for your business. Look at used cars for sale in Battle Creek, MI instead of visiting a showroom for high-end automobiles. As for your clothing, save a good but simple suit for meetings with investors and such.


You probably know the story of how Bill Gates bought a tie from a guy in a men’s room cubicle to wear to a historic meeting. Well, that’s not what truly happened. At any rate, that story shows how much improvisation matters. It means being able to think on your feet. And for many young entrepreneurs, improvisation matters the most when faced with questions of money. If you’re fast, smart, and creative, you might be able to accomplish that without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank.

These are a few of the things you can do to save money while working on your new business idea. Be creative and dedicated, and your next investor might just be waiting for your call.