Security Guards: More than Just Patrollers

Security GuardSecurity guards are essential for ensuring peace, safety, and security of both individuals and property, private or public. They keep a constant watch over their assigned areas, particularly for potential risks and dangers to the entities they are guarding. They work in many different settings, from residences to shopping malls, banks to transportation facilities, and hospitals to other public and private establishments.

With safety and security being a priority of many consumers and business owners, the demand for highly trained and licensed security guards is increasing in Brisbane. It is for this reason that a career in the security industry has become quite competitive, which means that to secure a high-paying job, you need to undergo security guard courses Brisbane institutions have been accredited for.

Training and Education

Becoming a security guard in Brisbane, or in any other part of Australia for that matter, requires you to take and successfully pass VET qualifications within the security and risk management or security operations field.

Security and Risk Managementor Security Operations traineeship programs are also on offer for those looking for a career in this industry.

In some cases, you must also to attend an interview, or join a pre-training National Police Check.

Related Security Guard Courses

There are a variety of security guard courses, depending on your prior education and training. Courses that provide certification include the following:

• Certificate I, II, and III in Security Operations
• Certificate II in Technical Security
• Certificate III in Investigative Services
• Certificate IV in Government Security and Government Personnel Security
Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management

Programs for Diploma, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and Masters are also offered by accredited security guard training facilities and institutions.


Once you have successfully completed your chosen training program, you need to obtain a license from the Queensland Government. In addition to being 18 years of age or older, you are also going to need a National Police Certificate and obtain a Provide First Aid Certificate.

Security guards are not de-powered police officers, or just a fixture in today’s urban places. They have the training to deter crime, and as such are not mere patrolmen.

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