Silk Comforter: Things You Need to Know

Smooth gray silk fabricIf you’re looking for a quality sleep, then silk bedding is for you. People who have experienced sleeping on silk can immediately conclude that it is the best fabric for them. Now, there are reasons for that. Silk is so smooth it feels like it’s pampering your skin. It is considered naturally hypoallergenic because it resists dust, fungus, molds, and a host of other allergens. Regardless of climate, silk still feels incredibly comfortable, so you can still sleep well.

What Is a Silk Comforter?

Cozy Earth explains that comforters made from 100% silk floss come in two types: one with a silk case and the other with a cotton case. They are both filled with pure silk, but the main difference is the cover. Silk-covered comforters, as the name implies, are covered with silk floss. Cotton-covered comforters, on the other hand, have cotton for a shell. If the price tag is not an issue and you want absolute comfort, silk-covered comforters are the way to go. If you want to get almost the same comfort for less, cotton-covered comforters are the best choice. Cotton also has the advantage of sliding less on your bed.

Handmade Versus Machine-Made Comforters

Aside from the price difference, handmade comforters are generally superior to machine-made comforters. Because silk floss is delicate, it is usually handled by highly experienced silk workers. It means that the quality of the silk used is superior that the manufacturers are willing to spend more on manual labor just to avoid damaging the silk. In fact, handmade comforters have longer fibers compared to machine-made ones.

Another advantage of handmade comforters is the human touch. Even if the manufacturing process is exactly the same, machines don’t have the ability to mimic the subtlety of human hands. Nobody knows human comfort better than us humans.

Comfort is the primary motivation for choosing silk over other fabrics. If this is the case, then your choice is already clear.