Singapore’s Changi Airport Receives 4th Consecutive Award as Best Airport in the World

Airport in Singapore Singapore continues to wow the world by leading innovations in transport infrastructure development.

From highly efficient and punctual trains to Asia’s busiest sea trade routes, there’s no question why Singapore’s Changi Airport was recently named the best air trade and aviation hub in the world.

Apart from one of Asia’s leading global business hub, the island-city is also home to Changi Airport, a busy airport that serves as the aviation centre for Southeast Asia. For such a small country, it is a notable fact that the Changi Airport has an impressive network of over 100 airlines connecting the nation to 300 cities in about 70 countries and territories worldwide.

Skytrax named Changi Airport as the world’s best airport for the first time in 2006, and in this year’s Skytrax 2016 World Airport Awards, it received its fourth consecutive recognition for still being the best international airport in the world. 

Skytrax notes that the airport seems to be very popular amongst global air travellers. They continue to make innovations with their products and services to make operations more passenger-friendly and efficient.

Travellers claim that the airport offers a vast array of leisure and entertainment options, another thing Singapore is quite good at. Who wouldn’t vote for an airport with a life-sized replica of the Star Wars X-Wing Fighter spaceship on display in one of its terminals?

They also underlined the dedication of the entire airport staff to ensure maximum levels of passenger satisfaction, safety and security. Each section of the airport employs a staff dedicated to making sure that each passenger feels comfortable and relaxed, which is quite a rare offering in airports.

Changi Airport serves over 50 million passengers annually, and despite this volume of local and international travellers, the airport still manages to satisfy most of them. But according to, the Airport Management Division of the Changi Airport Group (CAG ) faces daily challenges in managing the overall safety and security of these passengers.

Each day, the AMD and auxiliary police forces discharge security functions, and roving patrol teams consisting of SAF and SFP officers armed with assault rifles patrol the airport’s terminals. Following the 9/11 attacks and the naming of the Changi airport as a terrorism target by the Jemaah Islamiyah, the CAG upgraded their screening technology and heightened security regulations.

Safety comes with a price, as they say. But according to passengers, they don’t mind paying a security fund as an additional fee for terminal costs because for such a busy airport in such an important city, it is important to stay safe and at ease.

Other than security, Changi Airport also supports activities related to trade and air cargo, as manifested in its Airport Logistics Park Singapore, an industrial park which proves how the government cooperates with local business leaders in increasing the business competitiveness of the country. Not only is Changi Airport the best airport in the world, but it is also notably a key driver in the country’s economic growth.