Sports and Fashion Do Mix: Comfy Caps for a Stylish You

If you are looking for an adjustable and flat-brimmed baseball cap that is fitted with snap fasteners at the back, the Brixton snapback cap is the perfect choice for you. It is similar in design to all modern, flat-billed and fitted caps that professional baseball players wear. The main reason these caps are popular is that they are more affordable than their fitted counterparts. You also get the trucker hats and other types of baseball caps that are adjustable and may have pre-bent brims and a mesh back, though these are not snapbacks.

Black baseball cap

The Three Types

Snapbacks are available in three types: Velcroback, Strapback and the Five Panel. The velcroback is similar to the classic snapback except that its back is made of Velcro. The Strap back is almost identical to the snapback in terms of structure, but the main difference is it has a belt-like strap on the cap’s back. These are more common with Hip-Hop and Meme Rap performers, the most notable being Jay-Z who is always seen wearing them. The Five Panels, on the other hand, have a strap fastener, buckle or Velcro on their backs. They have five panels instead of the usual six stitched ones and give out a boxed look. Many well-known garment manufacturers have popularised the use of Five Panels.

Affordable and Comfortable Style

As snapbacks usually cost around £30, they fit every budget. Moreover, their adjustable straps make it easier to adjust to all head sizes. This makes them even more comfortable to wear. Also, the absence of buckles in these caps makes it safer for use by children who might be injured by a jab of a metal buckle in the head. These are also ideal for sporting brand logos of favourite teams and other consumer brands to help increase brand recall. On a mass scale, these are much more affordable than shirts and jackets.

In addition, these high-quality Brixton snapback caps make excellent fun gift items at minimal cost. They are great for children who love to have their favourite team’s logo emblazoned on them. Moreover, they are adjustable and have the quality that counts.