Staying Safe while Controlling Pests

Pest Control in ElkhartIt is an established fact that insects and rodents affect a person’s health – their bites and droppings have an adverse effect. Some of the common pests found around homes are bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, flies and rodents. They carry diseases and their droppings cause severe illnesses and allergies. There are methods to control these pests and each method has its own advantages. 

What plan should a home or business owner use to keep these pests at bay?

  • Consumers always have the choice of calling a pest control company. There are ways to keeping pests away and these can be used in combination for effectiveness.
  • Prevention: This is the most important step. Yes Pest Pros, Inc. suggests checking around the property and seal off gaps and entrances so that pests cannot get in. Make sure to put away food and keeping a place tidy will prevent pests from getting in and breeding.
  • Bait: Baits include organic and chemical substances – try to use organic methods like diatomaceous earth to attract insects so that they eat it and die. Some bait is poisonous and can be used to kill colonies.
  • Other insects: This is really good for the outdoors. There are many pests which live above the ground and others below. If you know the type of pests you have in your garden, you can buy others like ladybugs to get rid of aphids. Beneficial insects can be ordered by mail for home and garden use.
  • Chemicals: Pesticides are quite commonly available and used by pest control companies. While these are very effective, they can also have an adverse effect on the user’s health. Follow manufacturer guidelines while using.
  • Traps: These work well in getting rid of mice and rats.

Getting mesh netting installed on doors and windows, using traps and a combination of methods can help you stay safe. Insects have also evolved and developed defense mechanisms to chemicals – so try to use a combination of preventive measures to keep them out.