Stop Doing These 2 Poor Driving Habits — They Are Damaging Your Porsche

Porsche Auto Service CenterThe next time you pop in for a Porsche oil change in New York City, be sure to chat up the skilled people attending to your ride. It’s quite tempting to just drop off your car and pick it up when it’s ready. While this is convenient, it denies you the chance to pick the brains of the various car experts in the shop.

If you really need to keep the car in tiptop condition, then you shouldn’t miss a chance to interact with car experts, such as Formula Motorsports. They can offer you nuggets of wisdom that can drastically improve your motoring experience.

Shifting Gears Improperly

Porsche is a spirited car, crafted for exemplary performance on the road while affording you great handling even at high speeds. The car is an engineering marvel, and this takes a high level of precision and refinement. Unfortunately, some motorists this whenever they’re behind the wheel.

While the car is super-fast, it requires a bit of tact to enjoy all it has to offer. Some of these issues including learning to shift properly when getting into reverse gear.

Make sure the car comes to a complete stop before engaging the reverse gear. Doing it sooner messes the delicate balances and calibration of the drivetrain, which lowers the car’s performance. It also speeds up wear of the gearbox.

Taking Too Many Short Trips

Sure, your busy schedule rarely affords you the time you’d like to spend behind the wheel of your Porsche. As tempting as it would be to seize all opportunities to hit the road, the short trips to the mall can ruin your engine.

Porsche cars are meant to be driven over long distances and as such, you should avoid making short trips, especially during the cold season.

During a short trip, the car’s engine doesn’t burn hot enough to eject water and unburned fuel. Over time, these byproducts accumulate into a sludge, which will kill your engine.

There’s a great amount of pride that comes with owning a powerful car. However, you need to address some crucial issues to get the most of the car’s performance.