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How to Get Noticed by Your Higher-Ups without Sucking Up

Everyone wants to be on top and not just stuck doing the same tasks for life. A good way to give you a chance for a career upgrade is to get noticed by your bosses. Here are some ways you can make yourself stand out from the rest without treading on anyone’s toes or sucking up

Career Overview: Registered Nurse Legal Consultant

Have you completed your nursing degree, received your license, rendered service in various health institutions, and now considering a career shift or an additional source of income? Working as a registered nurse legal consultant (LNC) could be a viable option for you. The Center For Legal Studies notes that this job is most suited

4 Important Reminders When Starting a Salon Business

If you are particularly passionate about making people look good, the idea of venturing a business related to this industry might have already crossed your mind. Luckily, running your own salon is not far from your reach, as there are ways that could help you fulfil this dream. You simply need to remember a few