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Improve Your Company’s Account Management with These Practices

Are you looking for ways to improve your sales and rapport with clients? One of the ways to achieve this is through better account management. This enables you to improve your relationship with partners and earn their trust. Experts who teach account management courses in the UK cite the following best practices for this

Hitting the Reset Button on a Purchased Company

When you take over a company, the time, money, people, legal aspects, press, marketing and relaunch should be right, especially if you bought the company to save a sinking ship. Whatever your reason for buying a company, your aim is the same: to make it profitable again, maintain its profitability or make it more

Leadership Failure Can Result in Labour Crackdown

Running a company is never easy regardless of its size. Someone needs to lead and manage the people in the organisation for it to be successful. But, not all companies have leaders who are capable of handling people. And sometimes, leadership failure can lead to a major labour crackdown. says this results in