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Want a Divorce? Here are 3 Things to Think about First

Thousands of couples divorce every single year. It’s a sad reality and what’s scarier is that divorce not only changes the parties involved emotionally, but it also affects the children and the finances. Here are three things to think about before getting a divorce. M-S-Lawyers.com says to keep these in mind as you look

Basic Facts about Child Support in Colorado

An experienced child support lawyer in Colorado Springs can help you get the financial support your child needs. Here are some important things you need to know about child support: Who pays?​ Colorado holds both parents responsible for the child support. However, a parent only has to pay child support for his or her own children.

Can I Deny My Kid’s Other Parent Visitation?

Family courts order visitation to encourage non-custodial parents to have regular and consistent contact with their kids. In some instances, however, what appears to be justifiable on paper is not really that reasonable in reality. This can leave many custodial parents wondering if they could deny or refuse visitation. So is refusing visitation acceptable?

One-Sided Separation: Doable, Not Impossible

No divorce is easy. With all the proceedings and court settlements linked with separation, no one wishes to undergo the process as much as possible. Aside from taking its toll financially, it comes with emotional uncertainties and other anxieties. Fortunately, while divorce is hard, it need not be devastating. Some divorces can be happy