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Aspirin for Lowering Risk of Heart Attack: Here’s What You Need to Know

Aspirin is often considered by many as a harmless medication that may even reduce the risk of a heart attack. This does not mean, however, that is okay to take aspirin daily without consulting a healthcare professional. Daily intake is not right for everyone, so if you’re considering of doing it, you need to

Conditions that Cause Chronic Pain

The term “chronic” means the pain or condition can exist for six months or longer. In most instances, a chronic condition means a lifetime condition and therefore need long-term medical management. This type of management usually focuses on alleviating the symptoms to improve the quality of life. Here are some conditions can cause chronic

Keep Bad Breath Away

Nothing can be more irritating as sitting next to a person with bad breath. Whether in a meeting or a social gathering, it can be embarrassing for anyone to have halitosis. It can deflate your self-esteem and make it seem that you are unsociable. Most people think that they are doing their best in

Beyond Your Smile: The Cost of Lost Teeth

Ideally, adults should have a total of 32 permanent teeth, including the wisdom teeth or third molars, which erupt within the second or third decade of life. However, a considerable number of individuals lose teeth due to accidents or dental extractions. For people in Bromley, dental implants can be a good solution to this

The Toxic Effects of House Moulds and What To Do About It

Home is where everyone feels safe and secure. There are, however, microscopic elements in the house that might be causing health problems in the family. House moulds may be making you ill. Mould pollution is a form of indoor air pollution that only a few people understand. The sad truth is, it’s something unhealthy

Notes for a Livable City: Urban Design Directly Impacts Health

Urban design has always played an integral role in the everyday functions of a city and its inhabitants, as architectural landscape and design firms like MPFP know. This is why they always strive to implement good design in every project. However, according to University of Waterloo professor Colin Ellard, great architecture offers more benefits than just

Prevention is Better than Cure: How You Can Get Insured

Taking care of your health should, of course, be at the top of your priorities. And as your doctor would say, prevention is better than cure. However, no matter how much we take care of our health through the lifestyle choices we make — food, exercise, and the like — it is unavoidable that