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Career Overview: Registered Nurse Legal Consultant

Have you completed your nursing degree, received your license, rendered service in various health institutions, and now considering a career shift or an additional source of income? Working as a registered nurse legal consultant (LNC) could be a viable option for you. The Center For Legal Studies notes that this job is most suited

Survey: Longer Work Hours Not a Factor for Quitting

A Qualtrics survey showed that three out of five employees in Singapore, or 64% of the working population, are satisfied with their work. The poll debunked a common perception that working longer hours influences an employee's decision to quit, as most of them find motivation in spending more working hours. Dedicated Employees The survey

Leadership Failure Can Result in Labour Crackdown

Running a company is never easy regardless of its size. Someone needs to lead and manage the people in the organisation for it to be successful. But, not all companies have leaders who are capable of handling people. And sometimes, leadership failure can lead to a major labour crackdown. says this results in