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Basic Facts about Child Support in Colorado

An experienced child support lawyer in Colorado Springs can help you get the financial support your child needs. Here are some important things you need to know about child support: Who pays?​ Colorado holds both parents responsible for the child support. However, a parent only has to pay child support for his or her own children.

Preparing for a Child Custody Case: What Strategies to Employ

Divorce is a difficult time for any couple it can be particularly so for those who have children. One of the aspects they have to deal with is child custody. Though there exists no guaranteed way to win custody, proper preparation is the key to being a step ahead of your ex in a custody case.

Defining Serious Injury in New York

If one gets into a car accident that resulted in serious injuries, he or she can step outside the limitations of a state’s no-fault laws and make a claim or file a lawsuit against the driver at fault. Another distinct difference between standard and no-fault claims is that one may seek indemnity for non-economic

How Can Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Benefit You?

When facing charges for a crime, the most important thing to do, whether guilty or innocent, is to find a reliable criminal defense lawyer in Kent. In fact, the men and women at Feldman & Lee assure that a defense lawyer will protect your rights. Here are some reasons hiring a criminal defense lawyer

Don’t Wait Before It’s Too Late – Hire a Criminal Lawyer Now!

“A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has a better lawyer.” This is a popular quote from renowned poet Robert Frost. In his statement, he emphasises the importance of having a smart lawyer who can convince the jury of your innocence. Your defence attorney represents you in a lawsuit to save you

One-Sided Separation: Doable, Not Impossible

No divorce is easy. With all the proceedings and court settlements linked with separation, no one wishes to undergo the process as much as possible. Aside from taking its toll financially, it comes with emotional uncertainties and other anxieties. Fortunately, while divorce is hard, it need not be devastating. Some divorces can be happy

Law 101: Understanding the Different Practice Areas of Personal Injury

People may get hurt because of their own carelessness or of another party’s aggression or negligence. This is where personal injury or wrongful death law comes in. If you, a friend or family member sustained injuries because of someone else’s negligence, you should get legal help to protect your interests. The lawyers of Tyrone