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Bucket List Hikes Around the World

Are you always looking for an adventure in nature? If you are, then hiking is high on your activity and travel list. The world has plenty of places you should consider visiting, and has a short list for those adventure seekers. Annapurna Circuit One of the many mountain ranges in Nepal, this trail

Have a Royal Time in Tunbridge Wells

Travelling can improve your health and give you peace of mind, so many people try to take one at least once a year. They often plan to see a new place with family or friends and experience the attractions and activities the place offers. One place many people often do not consider is Tunbridge

Backpacking 101: The Basic Necessities

Ever heard of a bug-out bag? It’s that bag — usually a waterproof backpack — you grab in case of a disaster or an emergency. Inside it are items you’ll need to survive for a few days or maybe a couple of weeks before help finds you. Many people actually have this kind of

3 Wonderful Romantic Ideas for Couples in Singapore

Renowned for its global cuisine, luxurious resorts, award-winning spas and great theme parks, Singapore can be surprisingly romantic amidst its glitzy, futuristic landscape. The unique attractions, charming waterside and gleaming-clean streets provide the perfect setting for a romantic vacation. Sentosa says here’s how to get ready while the countdown Singapore clock ticks. Dinner Date

Own Reward: How You Can Treat Yourself for the Holidays

The holiday is in. In Australia, that happens to be the summer. Christmas is fast approaching, and the New Year is just a few weeks to come. It is during these holidays that festive celebrations are held in the spirit of giving in the air. Well, speaking of giving, have you given any thoughts

The Driver, The Back Seat and The Shotgun: Road Trip Duties

Road trips are fun. It is even more exciting when you pick the right travel buddies. It is not enough that they are cool, chatty and easy to get along with. Every person inside the car has their own roles and responsibilities, and they must do them remarkably. The Driver This person is the

Adventure in the Homelands: Road Trips and Excursions

When you think of exciting vacations, the first few things that will probably cross your mind are trips overseas and into exotic places. Not many people think of their own backyards and the backcountry for adventure-filled destinations, but there are surprisingly many places in the U.S. that still offer thrills even for the well-travelled.