Take Care of Your Dog – Without Spending a Fortune

dog careThe Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) reported in a 2010 survey that among pet owners, dog owners spend a lot on the pets they consider part of the family. The Family Pooch Index showed that on average, a dog owner will spend $25,000 per animal during the dog’s lifetime. These costs include trips to the veterinary, equipment and training materials, treats, pampering and feeding.

Here are three money-saving tips to help you stretch the available funds and give your “best friend” the best life you can afford.

Get supplies online

Shop4pets.com.au suggests getting your dog supplies online because you can take advantage of regular sales, coupons, rebates and free deliveries. In addition, dog supply websites would mostly have everything that your pet needs.

Buy in bulk

The majority of the expenses for a dog go to food. This is also a continuing expense, so you should look for ways to minimize the cost as much as possible. Buying in bulk is typically less expensive.

Be smart about it—buying in bulk can save you tons of cash and fewer trips to the grocery. You do not need to change the dog food brand; you only need to change the quantity you buy each trip.

Groom your dog

Save cash and spend quality time with your pet. You can do dog grooming at home. It may take a little practice and patience in the beginning, though. Better start early so your dog will get used to it and not put up a fight.

Instead of hiring a dog walker, walk your dog yourself. After all, this is just like doing exercise together. Lastly, check out tons of resources on dog training. Start with easy tricks and learn advanced ones in the process.

Getting a dog and caring for them shouldn’t mean busting your budget. Follow the tips above to keep the costs down and just enjoy the rewarding experience of owning a dog.

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