Tattoo Aftercare: How to Take Care of your New Ink

Tattoo Shop in BrisbaneTaking care of your new ink is pretty much simple. And while care instructions may vary slightly from one tattoo artist to another, the main goal is the same—a speedy healing process and prevention of infection. 

Here are the basics:

  • Leave the covering or bandage on your tattoo for at least an hour, but keep in mind that some tattoo artists may instruct you to keep it longer.
  • Wash your ink a couple of times daily with mild, moisturising, antibacterial and fragrance-free cleanser or soap to keep infection at bay. Do this for at least three weeks or until you see your tattoo completely healed. Always wash your hands when before handling your tattoo.
  • After cleansing your tattoo, apply ointment or a light moisturiser for at least three to five days for optimum hydration. Apply only a thin layer so that your tattoo can breathe and heal more quickly. Use non-scented moisturiser or lotion after the initial three days after cleaning your tattoo.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes for at least two weeks after getting inked to avoid unnecessary friction on your tattoo.
  • Don’t go swimming or soak in a tub and avoid direct sun exposure or excessive sweating for at least two weeks to prevent damage to your new tattoo.
  • Continue doing the aftercare instructions until your tattoo has completely healed and NEVER scratch, peel, or pick on the hard scabbing layers to ensure that your tattoo will look as expected.

Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of long-term aftercare is likewise crucial because your tattoo will look fresher for longer, the better you care for it. Keep in mind that all tattoos naturally lighten once completely healed since new skin layers grow over your tattoo to keep it in place says an experienced tattoo artist in a popular Brisbane tattoo shop. If you have a coloured tattoo, always apply sunscreen to prevent fading. In addition, ensure that your ink is always moisturised, most especially if it’s in an exposed area susceptible to fading.

Lastly, if you notice any warning signs of irritation or infection that persists for more than two days, or premature scarring, consult your doctor or a dermatologist.