The 2018 Trends to Make Your Wedding Perfect

a brideA new year lies ahead, and new trends will change the look of 2018 weddings. From see-through settings to luxury flower bouquets from London, Lola Flower Boutique and other experts say that you will have numerous wedding elements and décor to look forward.

All of these listed below can help you create that perfect wedding in 2018:

Return to the Indoors

Starting with the setting, wedding planners and experts foresee that most wedding ceremonies will return indoors. Outdoor weddings have been popular, but experts think that large and spacious indoor spaces will take centre stage. These spaces can feel as airy and free as the outdoors given their large high ceilings and open areas.

Choose Translucence

Clear tents will particularly be popular based on the resurgence of classic mid-century design. You can expect clear tents to be complemented by other translucent elements, such as glassware and semi-translucent paper. For contrast and colour, you can balance the translucence with seating, tables, and flowers of bold colours with neutral accents.

Arrange Moody Florals

Speaking of flowers, dark and moody flowers will become a trend in the coming year. Lush and soft flowers complimented by greenery used to be popular, but they may soon give way to darker and more textured florals. To enhance the floral arrangements, you can also expect beautiful vintage vessels to hold the dark florals.

Downsize Your Wedding

The setting, florals, and other elements mentioned above can already compose a chunk of your wedding budget. For those with smaller budgets, you can still enjoy the elements above while you cut down on your guest list. Experts think that 2018 weddings will become smaller and more intimate in contrast to the fabulous and grand weddings of 2017.

Serve Food You Love

With a smaller guest list, you can also commit more resources to food — and these can be ones that you love most. Couples have been foregoing the three-course menus and opting for more personalised food. Some have served pizzas, doughnuts, and even large sharing plates.

As long as you plan things right, all these trends can make your 2018 wedding perfect.