The Big 3: Essential Elements of a Successful SMM Strategy

Social Media Marketing StrategyMore than a billion people have Facebook accounts. News and current affairs programs on TV report on Twitter hashtags. Millennials Snapchat each other from across bedrooms. And almost all businesses now leverage social media more than ever.

Social media is the lifeblood of this generation, and if your business doesn’t move with such a big wave, it won’t survive.

If you’re starting from scratch, however, it can feel overwhelming. There are so many moving parts in a social media marketing strategy that creating your own can be daunting. Thankfully, this article will help you. Here are some of the essential elements in a social media marketing strategy:

Clear, Personalized Goals

Trying to do too much on social media will muddle your message and confuse your followers and fans, so make clear, personalized goals, according to the experts at You can’t move forward if you don’t know what you’re working toward for.

Look carefully at your business’s overall needs, and decide how you’ll use social media to achieve them.

An Accurate Target Market Profile

Businesses that don’t have an accurate target market profile often suffer from nearly zero engagement on their social media pages. An accurate profile will help you define and target the right people at the right time, and with the right message. This will also help you understand what problems they are trying to solve, as well as what topics they are most interested in.

Primary Platform/s

A good social media strategy doesn’t always involve as many social media platforms as possible. If you want to use Twitter, but your target market spends a majority of their time on Facebook, then the latter is a better primary venue for your business.

Only move beyond your primary platform when you’re sure you are handling it well.

Start with these three basic elements, and you’ll be on your way to building an online following that will push your business forward. Remember, however, that your social media marketing strategy isn’t written in stone; some parts may not work as well as you thought you would, but you need to be prepared to adapt quickly.