The Challenge of Boating: Is it for You?

BoatTaking up a new hobby and looking for a boat? Before challenging yourself as a skipper, learn boat safety measures to ensure smooth sailing trips not just for you but and your company as well.

Staying Safe in the Open Water

To conquer the open water, you must be prepared before heading out. It is important that the weather is on your side. Familiarise yourself in the areas where you need to stay away from such as swallow and swampy places, as well as those where too many seaweeds abound. You must also keep safety equipment handy.

Safety Gear Every Boat Must Have

Just like your home, boats need to be equipped with safety gear to be able to answer to an emergency. Steer away from boats for sale without any of these on board, Australian boating experts suggest.

Some of the safety essentials for your boat are:

  • Flashlights and Extra Batteries. If you unexpectedly have to spend the night out in the waters, this will help you see and be seen.
  • Duct Tapes and Wax Toilet Seal. This is very useful for temporarily taking care of leaks onboard.
  • Bucket. With or without leaks, water may enter your vessel. What better way to bail it out?
  • First Aid Kit. In the case of an accident or medical emergency, you will thank yourself for keeping this is handy.
  • Whistle. Recognized as a distress call on the water, include this is your kit.
  • Ropes. Things and people sometimes fall overboard. Fish them out with the help of ropes. You may also find these useful when docking.
  • Mirror. Not to satisfy your vanity but to be used as a reflective object to signal for help.
  • Fire extinguisher. Fire outbreaks do happen even onboard a water vessel. You can use your ropes to fish buckets of water to put out the fire, or do it the easy way with an extinguisher.
  • Garbage bags. Aside from putting your trash in, you can use them as rain gear to protect yourself and your items on board during a downpour. If you want to splurge, get raincoats.
  • Life Vests. You wouldn’t want to be treading water non-stop if in case you need to jump ship, would you?

Take responsibility for your safety as well as your passengers when boating to help reduce accidents and fatalities. The life you save may be your own.