The Don’ts when Purchasing Australian Final Open Tickets

Purchase TicketsThe Australian Open, one of the most prominent tennis competitions in the world, takes place every year and starts during the first month of the calendar year. With its roots going back to 1905, you can definitely say that this tournament is one of the things not only Australians look forward to at the beginning of the new year, but also people from all over the world.

From the singles to the doubles to the junior’s and the master’s tournaments, there are plenty of things to look forward to during this huge event. However, as excited as you may be to purchase Australian Open final tickets, here are some friendly reminders that will help you prevent the costly consequence of ground entry denial.

Understand the Different Types of Passes

There are several types of tickets that will allow you entry to the competition’s venue. These include the multiple and single session tickets, as well as the ground passes. For ground passes, you can choose among the “Any 3-Day Pass,” the “Any 5-Day Pass,” and the “Middle Weekend Ground Pass.”

As the term suggests, the Any 3- or 5-Day Pass will give you the authority to see any of the events of the Australian Open either for three or five days, except for January 21 to 22, 2017. With these tickets, you can enjoy a discounted price to chance upon several sessions as well as view the entire Hisense Arena as well as every event happening outdoors. For the January 21 to 22, 2017 events, you should purchase the Middle Weekend Ground Pass.

Knowing Where to Get Your Tickets From

As mentioned above, it is possible for you to have pre-purchased your tickets yet still receive a denial of entry. The official Australian Open event site reminds everyone that buyers should only purchase their tickets at any of these three sources: the official ticketing agent, Ticketek; any official Australian Open Tour Operator; and any official Australian Open Hospitality Ticketing site.

As a final advice, although you can still purchase tickets at the venue itself, you should consider pre-buying them as soon as possible, to ensure that you already have reserved spots and guaranteed entry to the tournament.