The Real Deal Behind Congenitally Missing Tooth: Fix It ASAP

Congenital missing teethNormally, people will have 32 eruptions of permanent teeth. Hypodontia, or congenital missing tooth/teeth, occurs when not all of these come out. As one of the most notorious dental abnormalities out there, and also very common, the number of people who have this condition exceeds that of cases who have double teeth or extra tooth eruptions. Its prevalence rate is so high that around 20 percent of all adults in the entire globe have at least one tooth that did not erupt.

It is very important you have this fixed right away, or you will just put yourself at higher risk of several other oral health issues.

Congenitally Missing Teeth and Their Types

Congenitally missing teeth typically come in four classifications.

The most common of all is the wisdom teeth not coming out. These are the teeth that should grow out at the very back end of the mouth. It is so common that a huge percentage of people with congenital missing tooth face this situation.

Another prevalent type of hypodontia is the second premolars. These teeth should erupt just in front of the molars, but a lot of people all around the world do not have them. People who do not have this condition have a total of eight premolars; two at each side of the upper and the lower teeth. In the event that you do not have all of them, you have congenitally missing tooth/teeth.

The third and fourth type of congenitally missing tooth involves either the upper or the lower lateral incisors. All adults should have eight of them as well, and when one does not erupt, hypodontia is to blame.

Why You Have to Fix This Issue Right Away

When you have congenitally missing tooth, you should not just continue on living your life like everything is normal. You should have it fixed right away, because missing tooth, when untreated, almost always end in jawbone deterioration. Fortunately, you have several treatment options for this. However, you should definitely consider dental implants placed by a Shrewsbury implantologist, as they have numerous benefits that other treatments do not deliver.

You do not want your jawbone to deteriorate, so make sure you get your congenitally missing tooth fixed right away.