The Reason to Have Clean Windows for Your Retail Store

stores with windowsIt is not a coincidence that the biggest windows anywhere are those found in showrooms and stores. Cars and high fashion both induce a visceral reaction in those who pass by the windows. That is why storeowners should always keep their windows always clean and clear.

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Merchandising and clean windows

Merchandising capitalizes on what shoppers want; it taps human emotions. Piquing the shoppers’ interest at every turn is part of the process. This means everything about the store window display, including the items, props, background, and lighting, should be on point.

The window display should aim to get more foot traffic through the door. Clean windows help to make a better impression. A dirty window, on the other hand, sends a message that the store itself may be dirty or dingy. Cleaning windows, therefore, should be a daily activity for showrooms and retail stores.

Decision to buy

Even with the increase in online sales, a lot of customers are still impulsive buyers when they are at the mall or the commercial centers. Studies show that up to 70% of consumers decide to buy an item at a physical retail store. It is interesting to note that more consumers make buying decisions at the store itself.

Online and TV shopping are based on impulses. Consumers drool at the product and they decide on the spot. In the same manner, consumers walking the streets are also bitten by impulse buying and then go into the store. A well-cleaned window is as much a good job as any other thing. It can also bring in the customers.