The Top Most and Less Obvious Reasons To Go for a Used Car

Used Car in ChilliwackShopping around for a brand new car? Before you go straight to a new dealership that only offers new models, you should consider opting instead for a used car. The most obvious reason is to save a lot of money, but there is actually more to it than just that.

Aside from huge savings, the most obvious reason to work with used car dealerships in Chilliwack such as, here are some of the other lesser-known reasons why a pre-owned vehicle from a reliable dealership should be you next vehicle purchase.

  1. No value depreciation to worry about.

Not a lot of car owners know this, but the value of a brand new car can go depreciate up to twenty percent once the owner takes it out on the road from the dealership. In other words, that vehicle you bought for $20,000 now only has an $18,000 resale value even if you have just used it for a month.

  1. Used car dealerships carry some of the latest used models.

Just because you call it “used,” does not automatically mean it is old. Highly trustworthy and established dealerships around Chilliwack carry used automobiles of the latest makes and models. The only difference is that someone owned them first, prior to you.

Just do your research so you know which dealerships to go to for used yet newer makes and models.

  1. Used cars means less carbon footprint.

It takes a lot of resources to make just one part of a car, so just imagine how a constructing an entirely new vehicle produces so much carbon footprint. When you choose to go used, you are partly doing the environment good, since it generates a lot less carbon footprint.

All in all, used cars really do have their benefits and advantages over their brand new counterparts, as long as you get it from an established and reputable dealership.