The Value of Having Straight Teeth: Are British Obsessed with It?

Straight Teeth Misaligned and crowded teeth, no matter what the cause, may affect one’s smile, confidence and social life. Not to mention its impact on overall health, as teeth that are too widely spaced may lead to cavities, bad breath, mouth sores and serious periodontal problems. This is the reason the need for the right orthodontic treatment in the UK is increasing.

Part of the standard grooming routine is to get a teeth whitening treatment. It is, however, not enough to cover some dental flaws like irregularities in the position of the teeth. Getting the teeth straightened allows one to enjoy better digestion, clearer speech and less tooth damage.

Science has an explanation, though, that the benefits of having straight teeth go far beyond that.

Happier, Smarter and Healthier

According to an online perception study, people with perfectly aligned teeth are considered intelligent, popular, healthy, cheerful and successful professionally. Researchers note that those with straighter teeth have more attractive and desirable qualities than those with crowded teeth.

The findings confirm the huge impact of an unsightly smile on one’s personal and social life. Though the research was conducted in the US, the remarkable results are universally acceptable.

Straight Teeth Matter

Bright, straight teeth are a vital part of a first impression. After all, it serves as a window to the health of the body. As Northlight Dental, trusted provider of orthodontics in Milton Keynes, points out: ‘You feel great knowing not only that you look amazing, but also that your smile is healthy. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean, so both your teeth and gums will be healthier for longer’.

The teeth and gums say a lot about a person’s lifestyle. With many dental practices now offering different types of braces, they are becoming the go-to place for keeping teeth healthy and looking good.

Like it or not, the basis for a snap judgement is one’s appearance. It turns out, straight teeth play a significant role on self-image and self-esteem.