Things You Should Look for Your Balustrading System

Balustrading SystemMaking the right choice when it comes to your handrail system can create a huge impact not only to your home’s total market and aesthetic value, as well as your property’s own safety. So, to help you choose which type will perfectly match your need and style requirement, here are some things you need to know about them

Service Life

Depending on what material you choose, each railing system differs when it comes to lifespan. With glass having the longest service and steel or wood being more prone to corrosion especially when they are exposed to weather changes or chemically induced solutions.


Not all balustrades can withstand season changes. So, if you’re living in a cold and snowy region, steel is not for you because there’s a higher risk of rust development. But, if you want something close to this appearance, you may just simply use aluminium balustrades from Active Metal which are weather-resistant and are easier to maintain.

Maintenance Requirements

If you’re the type of person who rarely finds time to clean and look after your railings, then make sure to pick a system that can perfectly work with this habit. Glass and aluminium are the good options for this one because these two balustrade types require little and simple maintenance service.

Style & Design

As mentioned earlier, balustrades can boost up the market value, as well as the visual appeal of your home. That is if you made the right choice. As you know, each and every type possesses its own aesthetic claim, so be sure to choose wisely.


By now, you’ve probably figure out that balustrades don’t come at cheap prices. But, there are certain types that are much more affordable compared to others which don’t limit your choices up to some points. That’s why before you go on buying or ordering your own system, it is always good to look around and see what options you have for the money you’ve got.

Regardless of what baluster material you have in mind, it is necessary to closely review the pros and cons of each option you have.