Three Best Windows for Commercial Buildings

skyscrapersWindows are an integral part of any commercial building. They act as an enabler to the view outside and a good way to get more lighting into your building. There may come a time, however, for any reason, when you may need to change your windows. Fortunately, there are always many commercial window replacement companies you can contact.

Still, it is important to decide beforehand on the right window replacement you wish to install in your building. Here are the three best windows for any commercial building:

Double-hung windows

Probably the most widely used window, this consists of two vertical panels, both of which can be moved up or down depending on the model. This window style is ideal for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Another benefit to using double-hung windows is that they do not protrude outwards unto walkways, thereby not acting as a barrier if installed on the lower floors.

Casement windows

Popular in the UK and many European countries, casement windows work very similar to a door, in that the movable panel window is mounted vertically to the hinge and can be opened inward.

Depending on your building style and needs, you may choose either single or double movable panel. When closed, the sash and the frame create an airtight seal, making this window a preferred choice for energy efficient buildings.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows except for two differences: these are mounted horizontally to the hinge, and the window pushes outward instead of inward. Because of the outward angle, they allow ventilation to come in while keeping out debris or, even rain.

Awning windows are also suitable for installations higher up a wall which acts as both a good source of light while making it harder for someone to climb through.

Windows play an important role in any building. If you are looking to change your windows, it is important to get the right one for your building.