Tips for DIY Home Rain Gutter Repair

A well maintained roof rain gutterUsing gutters is an age-old practice that still stands as the most effective way to harvest rainwater for both home and commercial use, probably because it is cheap to acquire and maintain. Gutters, however, tend to undergo certain challenges over time, including overflows, leaks and pooling runoffs. Fortunately, there are simple fixes that anyone can follow easily.

Brush debris and dry leaves off the roof

This is the most basic skill you need to repair the rain gutter of your Utah home. It requires little expertise and is the first step to discovering what else could be the problem with your gutters. Debris and dry leaves clog the gutters, preventing water to flow and causing it to stand still.

Fix the tiny holes

Patch the holes with roofing cement. Make sure to do this on a sunny, day so that it dries in the shortest time possible.

Look into larger holes

Repair larger holes in gutters by covering them with patches. Take a sheet of metal patch, embed it in roofing cement, and then apply another coat of cement over the patch. It is like repairing a hole in a pair of trousers where you cut the material matching the trouser and stitch it into the hole to seal it up.

Repair sagging gutters

Gutters hung over time due to the weight of the water they hold and the force with which the rain falls on them. To fix sagging gutters, you may need to replace the hangers or, at the very least, re-seat them.

If you do your own fixes, you can cut down costs on repair. But the best way remains to be maintaining your gutters, so you prevent wear and tear and prolong their lifespan.