Travel Diaries: Advantages of Short-Term Rentals Abroad

Travel DiariesHotels are great, but the reality is that they can get too expensive. Hostels are great, too, but it’s nice to get some privacy. If you have plans of getting on a plane and satisfying your wanderlust in a foreign country, maybe you should consider changing things up a bit and going for short-term accommodation instead.

Trotting Down Oz

Australia is home to many explorers. It has a vibrant city life and spectacular wilderness. Spend less on your accommodation so you can splurge on your itinerary and make the most of famous attractions. If your friends are coming along, then split a studio room and you get extra cash for fancy dinner somewhere.

Explore Australia by living it low and checking their range of short term accommodation. Perth and Melbourne offer unique and fully furnished apartments perfect for a few days stay. The choices often range from spacious three-bedroom units to modest flats and lofts.

Live Like the English

For the savvy backpackers headed to Tuscany or the hipster troop off to museum-hop in Europe, renting an apartment for a few days remains the most practical choice. Paris apartments across famous locations only cost around 700€/week. If split between three, it will only cost you about 33€/night. Yes or yes?

A charming feature of every short-term rental is the kitchen, one thing most upscale hotels deny. You can go brunching on weekdays to save time and make the most of your itinerary, and stay in during weekend mornings after a vibrant trip to a local market and experiencing your host city’s freshest produce.

Backpacking in Asia

Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia are some of the most backpacker friendly destinations in Asia. Plenty of short-term rental offerings stand at every turn and corner. Renting an apartment is perfect for the curious who want to see how and where the locals live.

Short-term accommodations are usually tucked in streets and neighbourhood with an abundance of local eateries and bakeries. Immerse yourself in their culture, interact with the locals and eat their delicacies. To travel is not only to go places, but also to bring the place and its taste with you no matter where you go.

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