Types of haidressing scissors

scissors in a hair stylist's pocketsLike any other artist that has mastered its craft, every hairstylist has tools that they use to achieve the perfect haircut for their clients, including different combs, brushes, scissors and other special items to perfectly obtain their client’s desired style.

Scissor Tech NZ shares these three hair scissor types every stylist should know:

Thinning scissors

Hairdressing thinning scissors are mainly used to add texture to the hair, that’s why they’re also known as texturing shears.

The handle looks like a regular shear, with loops for the index finger and thumb to hold them comfortably. What changes the most about these scissors is their top blade, which resembles a toothed comb, with widespread teeth that cut only a little hair without modifying the shape of the haircut.

Thinning scissors come in different shapes for left-handed and right-handed people, for the comb blade to always stay on top.

Razor shears

Strictly speaking not a scissor, as it doesn’t make a cutting motion. Made out of a single blade with a loop to put the index finger through and hold it with a single hand, the hairdresser holds the hair with the other hand.

With a series of swift and small motions, creates texture while cutting the hair, obtaining a natural texture with different lengths.

Regular scissors

These are the basic haircutting scissors used for most haircuts. They resemble normal scissors, like the ones we usually have in our homes, with two straight blades that meet to make the cut.

This scissors can vary in size and shape to accommodate the hands and needs of the hairstylist, especially in the handle part, where it needs to be easy and comfortable to manipulate.

Hairdressing scissors can come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the way the hair needs to be shaped or a personal preference from the stylist; they can use one or more types to create the final look.